Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art around my house/office that I like

Sam my older sister came up with this when she lived in my house before me.  I think my younger sister helped her paint it.  It's still one of my favorite features of the house.  Just paint whatever design and put a clear waterproof coat over it.  PS Don't judge me for the other things in the room lol.  It is a work in progress.

Make your desk fun!  Just draw a circle around the hole and add triangles for teeth; color in. 

I started this project because I had a shadow box I put up to hold my cell phone at night and it just seemed boring.  (I had to use a shadow box because there isn't room for an end table and the window won't work because we leave them open in the summer.  One drowned phone taught me that doesn't work. :)  Anyway, this was really easy and actually cost me nothing because we already had everything around the house.  The butterfly is a stamp/cutter thing from a scrapbook section.

First cut a piece of cardboard out about the size of the box so the edges don't show on the inside or outside.  I would not recommend corrugated cardboard--it's too thick.  Shoebox cardboard is better.

Then make mod podge by mixing half glue half water.  Mod podge a pretty scrapbook paper onto the cardboard.  I did both sides so I could change it up when I got bored.

Drill a hole carefully through the cardboard in the same places as the screws on the wall for the shadow box. 

Hang and enjoy. 

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