Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big Ideas

So I doubt I'm the only one like this, but sometimes I get big ideas that sound awesome and then the execution just kind of falls flat.  One such idea would be the idea to make a card for my husband for Valentine's Day.  It was supposed to look like a heart on fire and be neat but instead, it looked like a toddler made it, as the mod podge was not working with me.  I ended up scotch taping it which only made it worse.  Then when I went to put my mod podge away I found the glue.  LOL.  Oh well.  My husband is very sweet and he appreciated it just the same. 

There are other ideas around my house that are similar--either unfinished or I threw them out because they didn't work like I thought they would.  Often I am impulsive and the idea is more fun than the project.  I wanted to paint bible verses on my walls (because paint is cheaper than wall art).  I got started--I have "And they never ceased singing" over my piano--but it's supposed to be the whole thing, Revelations 4:8.  At least I stopped at a point that makes sense.  It could be worse--"And they never cease sin."  :)  That is definitely a project that is more fun thinking of than doing.  Drawing and painting letters is pretty tedious.  The same is true for sewing curtains.  I like the idea more than the doing it.   Buying the fabric and designing are fun, but not the actual sewing.  Luckily my husband is patient with these projects as long as I don't buy new stuff until the old stuff is finished (which just means that I won't be and haven't been buying new stuff lol). 

Some of my other projects I will have to wait until this spring to see if they are working out as they deal with flowers.  My daffodils that I transplanted are clearly coming up so that worked, but we shall see about the surprise lilies and the dead-tree-plantings.  There will be daylilies and surprise lilies all around the tree stump and annuals growing out of the top and cascading down (it will be even better if I can get it to look like there is a bucket pouring a waterfall of flowers, but we'll see).  I can't wait!  I love flowers in my yard. 

The other project which is not finished (I have to move the bed to get the ladder in there) is hanging icicle lights in the bedroom.  They are SO beautiful and romantic, and where they reflect on the TV and window, it looks like stars or a city skyline.  I am super happy with it.  I will be super happier when I am able to finish haha.  You just put hooks in the corner between the wall and ceiling about a foot or foot and a half apart and hang.  You'll want an extension cord to go from the ceiling to the outlet. Super easy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art around my house/office that I like

Sam my older sister came up with this when she lived in my house before me.  I think my younger sister helped her paint it.  It's still one of my favorite features of the house.  Just paint whatever design and put a clear waterproof coat over it.  PS Don't judge me for the other things in the room lol.  It is a work in progress.

Make your desk fun!  Just draw a circle around the hole and add triangles for teeth; color in. 

I started this project because I had a shadow box I put up to hold my cell phone at night and it just seemed boring.  (I had to use a shadow box because there isn't room for an end table and the window won't work because we leave them open in the summer.  One drowned phone taught me that doesn't work. :)  Anyway, this was really easy and actually cost me nothing because we already had everything around the house.  The butterfly is a stamp/cutter thing from a scrapbook section.

First cut a piece of cardboard out about the size of the box so the edges don't show on the inside or outside.  I would not recommend corrugated cardboard--it's too thick.  Shoebox cardboard is better.

Then make mod podge by mixing half glue half water.  Mod podge a pretty scrapbook paper onto the cardboard.  I did both sides so I could change it up when I got bored.

Drill a hole carefully through the cardboard in the same places as the screws on the wall for the shadow box. 

Hang and enjoy. 

Quick Tasty Cheap Meal

This is what we do when we want pizza but can't afford to go out to eat. Take tortillas or pita bread, add pizza sauce, cheese and toppings. Bake. Could it get any easier? It's great for kids because they can add whatever toppings they like. I haven't personally found any frozen pizza doughs I like all that well (and I'm not a good bread maker anyway). This is so much easier. It only takes about 7-10 minutes in the toaster oven.

Easiest hemming instructions ever

So I am super short and poor so I usually have to hem my own pants. My mom taught me the official way to do it, but I am lazy and short on time. This is what I came up with.

First wash the pants at least 3 times and dry or you will end up with capris.

Second, turn them inside-out and put them on. Have someone else fold them OR fold them, look in a mirror and also try sitting down to make sure they are the right length for your preference. Make sure you are wearing the shoes.

Third, pin them in place. One or two pins in each leg is usually good enough if they aren't too baggy. Fold them first by holding the sides so the crease is along the seams and lay them on a large table or ironing board. Check the length to make sure they match. Then fold them so the crease is along the front and back and make sure they match that way.

Then iron the crease where the bottom of the hem will be. If you are shortening them more than two to three inches you may want to cut them to make sewing easier. If not, I leave it alone. You can always rip the stitches out and make them longer.

Then pick out a color of thread that is either closely matching or a good compliment (i.e. some jeans use a gold colored thread). If you are sloppy like me, choose a matching color so it won't be noticeable. ;) Sew on the machine.

Enjoy your handy work!

Weird Problems? We've Got Weird Solutions.

So I don't know if it's just me, but I used to run into all of these bizarre household issues and until I went on Pinterest, I didn't realize I was the only one. I love creative cheap easy solutions so here are a few that I had around my house.

First, I have three cats that love to sleep on my laundry hamper bottom. The problem is that hair gets all over things that are handwash only and so the hair never comes off. Easy fix: Tie a knot in the bag.

Second issue: we have swords and things that kids should never be allowed to get to by themselves, and don't want to use a small easy-to-steal case. Solution? One closet dedicated to this where we switched out the doorknob with a deadbolt. The bonus with this kind is that the inside of the deadbolt is a hand-turned switch, not a key so it's not possible to get locked inside.

Third issue: I cannot stand when my bra straps won't stay up. I am also not willing to pay for the plastic thing that doesn't look comfortable and isn't adjustable. Solution? Tie a ribbon on the straps to hold them together. You could probably do something prettier with buttons or snaps but I'm lazy and these aren't exactly bras I wear to show off for my husband lol. The ribbon on here cost like a dollar and took me ten minutes to do all of my bras.

Have any other weird problems? I'm always up for a challenge!